NOV 2019


This fresh new techno mix-set has been making the rounds on Beyond Control Radio which was broadcasted on HotFM 1028 and Voice FM 103.9 in UK. As per usual, I have cheekily included a minimal style track of my own, No.16  in the playlist.  The title is kind of explanatory !

01. Majka – Baime
02. Way Out – DJ Angelo & Da Mike
03. Depths – Luke Hess
04. Stack Ranking – John Tejada
05. Green Peace (Art Alfie Remix) – Fatherhood
06. NRO – Issax Reuben
07. When The Whip Descends – Jas Shaw
08. Nebula – Rodion
09. Father Detroit – The Analog Roland Orchestra
10. The World Is Detroit (Dexter  Remix) – DLS
11. Thermin (Dance Freak) – David Jackson
12. Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins Remix) – Josh Wink
13. Latissimus (Blown Remix) – Modig
14. Basement Structure – SCNTST
15. Control – Charlotte de Witte
16. Slide. One In – Jean Reiki 
17. STRIKE – Jimmy Edgar
18. Toxic Bleach – VTSS
19. Reboot – The Model X David Jackson
20. Wall To Wall – Special Request
21. Music Controls You – Mella Dee
22. Isolated (Peter van Hossen Remix) – Abstract Division
23. Cuando – ATOM & Tobias
24. Mantrax – F.U.S.E (aka Richie Hawkins)
25. Warrior Mbube – G Washington Fest. Miriam Makeba
26. Afrobros – Junglefro

If you are around the Poole, Bournemouth and Southampton region, look out for the host Wayne DjC and tune in live to his show every week. Wayne has also uploaded the shows online, so it is currently available for download  via the link below : 




For 3 weeks in Oct, I was staying in an Ashram for an intense Yoga Marga Retreat. The wildlife sanctuary, Ayurvedic / Siddha doctors, teachers and volunteers at the Mountain Velliangiri in Coimbatore totally play a huge role in rejuvenating me. I also managed to capture some field recordings during my daily walk  as well as attend their daily sound offerings  at a wonderful consecrated space called Dhyanalinga.  However, I didn’t take much photos or videos within the ashram as phone detox is very much a crucial part of this program. I’ll leave you with a photo of my favourite mountain spot that continue  to inspire me to stay on the path towards becoming a vegetarian and a more balanced being in this current plane of existence.