JUN 2019

14 JUN : DJ Late Night, Ginett
19 JUN : Resonate, The Moon
22 JUN : DJ Late Night, Ginett
29 JUN : The Official SG Art Book Fair Afterparty, Hopscotch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Happening on 19 June, Wednesday, this is a collaboration with Lights Mandala facilitator, Ian Lam to explore the nuances of wakefulness, dream states and everything in between. Again, under the alias Mind of the Cosmos, I’m grateful to be working closely with one of my favourite Bookshop and Cafe, The Moon to present this Meditation session with Monaural Beats, Nature Sounds, Ambient Music and Geometric lights to transform one’s consciousness. There will be some tie-in promotion with the shop’s curated books on Mindfulness and Meditation as well. It will be held at their 2nd Level shophouse space, which is spacious and energetically cleansed (by the ever kind-hearted Pamela). We just had a small trial session at another secret cosy location two weeks ago, so looking forward to connect with new like-minded people at this  event. 

Event Schedule 

7:30 PM – 8:00 PM : Introduction of Resonance, Light, Meditation and Sound 
8:00 PM – 8:30 PM : Guided Meditation, Soundscape, Lights Mandala
8:30 PM Onwards : Q&A.


On the production side of things, I have been working with Asia’s first Whole-Body-Light Pod to soundtrack their 20 min session. Besides being a post workout recovery machine, this is a great complimentary therapy for those with pain/arthritis issue. So far, there were great feedback about the two soundtracks that were sent in on trial with their customers. More updates once the tracks are mixed down and mastered. Perhaps, I will release a shorter version on MOFC bandcamp for those who might want to use it for their meditation session at home.
Ever since I took the time off to focus on my body and mind, I  cut down DJing gigs and hit the sack before 11 PM everyday. It’s much easier to entrain my body to wake up early at 4 or 5 AM and follow through most of the Ayurvedic daily routine (Dinacharya). However, when it comes to sleeping early, it’s challenging at times to get ready for bed early even after  a year or so. I still love all styles of electronic dance music and playing to an audience, be it a dancing or listening crowd. Yet, most of the early evening events are hard to come by. To stay energetically in the day and sleep early, I make the necessary transitions and forgo almost all of the late night gigs.
When Kane, Dustpan Recordings Label owner, producer and House music DJ roped me in to play for this restaurant bar, the timing of 10 PM – 12 AM feels just about right. At least House or 4/4 style music would not aggravate too much of my wind (Vata) and ether (Akasha) body constitution as compared to Bass, Drum n Bass or Techno music, I !!! 
Anyway, I’ll be dropping tunes on a Friday and then on a Saturday at this space, located within the premise of the hipster G Hotel,  so do hop by for those who are looking for a place to catch up with friends over food or drinks in town.  
Dropping Dub / Reggae tunes in the early evening hour. Shouts to Syafii for the invitation, looking forward to catch up with the Good Times crew, the Exhibitors and Fairgoers at Hopscotch. More deets in the pipeline.